May 1-5, 2019 Retreat Program

We have a great retreat planned.

In addition to communal prayer, meals, socials and time to get to know the Community;

We will be spending one day creating a woven basket,  led by Sr. Jean, OSF.  This will be a community building exercise.  The basket will be suitable for holding books and magazines... also,

There will be panel discussions on the Ministry of Chaplaincy to include conversations on:

1. The Training to be a Chaplain.

2. Experiences of dying, including the passing of people of different faith traditions.

3. Experiences of being present in birth, crisis, death, and recovery.

4. Experiences of being accepted or rejected as a Chaplain.

Four people will be on the panel:  Two Franciscan Sisters ( Sisters Marie and Annie) and Two Mercy of God Brothers (Brothers Bill and Todd), who have been Chaplains.

We hope you can join us...

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