Br. Allan

October,  2018

 With a population of more than two million people in the upstate region, Latinos are taking new steps to exert their strength and influence in their respective communities. In my County, alone, there are over 70,000 Latinos and growing. I was blessed when I was asked to represent MGC and offer the Blessing and Benediction at the Hispanic Business annual luncheon, with over 300 people attending.  I was secondly honored as I sat on the dais next to the Mayor of Rochester New York and the Chair of the Chamber of Commerce.

November, 2018

November turned out to be a month of blessings for me. I was asked to be the Master of Ceremonies/Verger at The Renewal of Ministry and the Welcome of a New Rector. It was expressed that the clergy wanted me in the MGC habit to be a witness to all in attendance. I have posted photographs of the ceremony on the MGC Face Book page. God is good!


Br. Allan, mgc


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