Br. Thomas

Br. Thomas

This photo is of me  in Chang Mai, Thailand at a local grammar school.  Prior to this, the Principal asked me to lead the "HOKEY POKEY" in the school assembly. Afterwards,  Cham, pictured next to me, grabbed my hand and proudly  showed me all around his school,  he even let me look at his mathematics book.

I just got back from visiting our Associate Ed who is in a nursing home in San Diego.  He turns 91 on July 15.  He is in good health but has mobility issues.  Each day I took him in his wheelchair to a restaurant and on Sunday we "wheeled" to a Christian Disciples of Christ Church.  It was a very inspiring time.

I have been appointed by the Mayor of my city to be a part of the Aviation Board.  I have been fulfilling my appointment for over a year and am proud of many projects we have accomplished.

As many know, I am a retired FAA air traffic controller, so this ministry is just up my "airway."

I am Treasurer for the Community and consider that to be a ministry as well as redesigning our web.  I hope you like the new simple look!

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