Our Logo, A reflection.

Our Logo, A reflection.
A New Logo
by Br. Bill Ketcham, mgc.

At our recent meeting in Aston PA, this past May, we began a year long celebration of the 30th year of Mercy of God Community. As we celebrate our history and plan for our future, a major accomplishment has been the creation of a new and unique logo. While still devoted to all of the traditional Franciscan symbols, such as the Tau and the San Damiano Cross, among other things, the new logo seeks to better represent our actual diversity and our ecumenical and inclusive appeal to contemporary Christians.

At first glance there appears to be a simple tree. But, notice how the tree trunk and limbs seem to form the image of a person firmly rooted, standing strong, with joyous outstretched arms; the triumphant Christ. One might imagine that the circle of rays and leaves represents a globe, the world, and all therein, being held in the embrace of our Lord Jesus. And look, there's an outer ring, a halo, symbolizing the sanctity of God and his relationship with humankind. It reminds me that all are children of the same God, and therefore part of one another.

Are there other images and symbols in this simple tree? I can see the Tau, and some rays of eternal light coming from the Christ tree. I can see traditional Franciscan colors, I can see all God's creation under an umbrella of God's mercy. Perhaps the rays are the tribes of Israel or even the apostles.

 What else can you see?

October 4, 2018, is our official 30th birthday and we will celebrate by being together on retreat at the Franciscan Spiritual Center in Aston PA. Visitors welcome. Retreat begins October 3rd and runs through Sunday October 7. Fellowship, communal prayer, a festive celebration of Holy Communion, good food, spiritual meditation, and more. Take a break from your daily grind, and come be in community with us for a few days.